Thane, which is also known as "Shri Sthanak", is a north-eastern suburb of Mumbai, located at the head of the Thane Creek, in Maharashtra. The city is spread over a total area of about 147 square km and is at an altitude of about 7 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by the Yeoor and Parsik Hills. The administrative headquarters of Thane district is also located here.
Thane is also popular as the ‘Lake City’ because it has around 30 lakes within its territory, the Masunda Talao or the Talao Pali being the most beautiful one. Upvan Lake, which has the Yeoor Hills on one side and the Neelkanth Heights on the other, is another popular lake in the city.

In the past, Thane was under the governance of the Portuguese, the Marathas and then the British. The earliest record of Thane is present in the works of Ptolemy, a Greek geographer, who has mentioned about a place called ‘Chersonesus’ in his writings (135 - 150 AD). According to researches, it is the same area where Thane is located at present times.