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Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the Ashtami tithi, the eighth day of the dark half or Krishna Paksha of the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar.It falls within the month of August/ September. It is the day when Sri Krishna was born in the ‘Rohini’ nakshatram (star) to King Vasudeva and Devaki Devi on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the

month of ShravanaThe actual day of celebration can be on two different days as the star ‘Rohini’ and Ashtami may not be on the same day.It is believed the main objective of Lord Krishna’s birth was to free Mother Earth from the wickedness of demons. Playing an important part in Mahabharata (legendary battle in Kurukshetra) and propagating the theory of bhakti and good karma were other important objectives. Sri Krishna is considered as the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu’s, (one of three major Hindu Gods) on earth.
Though the election office has received no complaints so far, Madan says he had been told that T-shirts bearing the names of political parties or images of politicians had been issued by Govinda mandals. "If this is true, it amounts to a violation of the model code of conduct, because the code prohibits the use of religious platforms for political purposes,"
Taking its cue from allegations of misuse arising from the observance of a one-day festival, the state election office is taking no chances with the ten-day-long Ganesh festival.

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